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Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The following post is an assignment from Write a Novel, a resource created by Crawford Kilian, Communications Instructor at Capilano College in North Vancouver BC.

"What's special about the plot, setting, characters, and theme?"

Define plot: Long time friends Jeremiah White and Elijah Rowe are business partners in a farming operation. The two friends have a "falling out" stemming from a disagreement about selling their land to residential real estate developers for millions of dollars. Elijah is suspected of killing Jeremiah in a fit of revenge.

Define setting: The story takes place in Red River, Florida; a rural Central Florida community that is home to many large vegetable and fruit farms.

Define characters: The story has six primary characters including a family of four, a neighbor and a local troublemaker.

Jeremiah White--A 61 year old that grew up in Tennessee, he moved to Florida in the 1960's following graduation and started working on a strawberry farm in Red River, Florida. He worked hard and eventually ended up owning the fields where he once worked.

Catherine White--A waitress at the local diner, she grew up in Red River and married Jeremiah after a short romance. She birthed two children...David and Catherine...and is 54 years old.

David White--The couples' first born and only son is 34 years old. David resists his father's urging to assume a role as proprietor of the family farm. A troubled soul, addicted to drugs and alcohol, he manages to bring shame upon the family time after time.

Roxanne White--The couples' third born and only daughter loves life on the farm and aspires to win her father's admiration and respect to someday assume responsibilities for operating the farm. She's a single parent with a son of her own who works daily along side mother and grandfather. He's assume the role of son to Jerimiah...the son he never had.

Elijah Rowe--A local from Red River and a friend to Jeremiah since the early 70's, he is the first true friend Jeremiah has ever known. Willing to lend equipment, help, and even money during hard times; Jeremiah treats Elijah like a brother.

Patrick Mason--A local menace, he is David's best friend and major drug-buying customer. Accused of multiple petty crimes during the past 10 years, Patrick is accused of murder when Jeremiah White is killed as he walked out of the house one morning to start his daily chores.

Define theme: The central theme explores the trials and tribulations faced by modern farmers struggling to maintain their traditional rural lifestyles in the face of commercialization and in opposition to their children who don't want anything to do with rural living.


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