Albert's Diary

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is a follow-up post to my original Albert's Diary posting in September (included below).


I've been fascinated by exotic birds for the past 20 years and this past summer I purchased a lovebird from a local breeder. I chose a lovebird because they were small and based on their size, I decided they would make a good "first bird". Albert, was small in size, but large in spirit and personality. He was a bundle of energy and loved to climb on toys, sides of the cage, and often hung upside down to showoff when he thought we were watching him.

Challenging at first, because I had unrealistic expectations, our relationship in the past 6 or 8 weeks was wonderful. Albert would easily step up, return to his cage on command, and enjoyed hanging out with me to watch television on the couch. He truly became a part of the family.

My wife, who doesn't particulary like pets in general, became fond of his antics as well. She said that playing with Albert seemed to calm me down after a long day at work.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post to report Albert's passing a couple of days ago. We were out of town and took Albert to a local bird store for boarding, so that he wouldn't be lonely while we visited family in another state. We picked him up on Monday and returned home. He seemed to be eating well and drinking water, but was mysteriously quiet and did not want to play that night, which was unusual.

The next morning, we discovered that Albert passed away during the night. We miss him terribly. The house is quiet without him to greet us when we return home in the evening and watching television just isn't the same without him.I can honestly say that Albert was a happy bird and very loving. He was truly a family member.


My name is Albert and I am a peach faced lovebird. This is my diary.

Day 1

I was playing with my mommy today when two strangers knocked on the door to the house.

My mommy was holding me in cupped hands and giving me kisses. Then she let the male stranger hold me and I climbed onto his shoulder. I didn't feel comfortable and jumped into the floor and ran to hide behind the cabinet. I was safe.

My mommy and daddy found me and put me back in my cage. After a few minutes, the strangers gave my mommy some pretty green colored paper.

They carried my cage out of the house to the car. I got really upset and started screaming and fluttered around for awhile, but it was useless. I couldn't get out. My cage was placed in the middle of the back seat and they drove me away.

I've never ridden in a car before, but this one was red with a big grey stripe and it had leather seats. I think they call it a Ford Explorer.

We drove through the city and back into the country again. I turned around backwards for a little while, but decided to face forward after a few minutes to look out the window. I saw a lot of cars driving really fast.

We also listened to the radio and every once in awhile the passenger, a lady, would turn around and look at me and say "Albert".

We drove over a bridge and I could see the water. It had a lot of boats and there were some water skiers.

After a few more minutes we arrived at a new house. It is a nice house in a new subdivision, but is a little smaller than my old house. I looks different on the outside and it's really different on the inside.

At my old house I had lots of friends. My mommy had several other lovebirds, some cockatiels, and even some large parrots. There was always someone to play with and talk to.

In my new house I am the only bird and it's real quiet. I'm not sure I like my new mommy and daddy yet.

Day 2

The next morning my new daddy sat down in front my cage and began to whistle at me. He started talking like a little baby and saying things like, "Albert's a good boy. Yes he is..." and "Albert's a pretty birdie...uh huh...he is".

It took me a while to figure it out, but I think my new parents think my name is Albert. It's kind of a funny sounding name, but they just won't stop saying it.

My new daddy opened the cage and tried to pick me up, but I didn't like that. I started fluttering around and screaming at the top of my lungs. He even picked me up and took me out of the cage! I caused such a commotion that he put me back in the cage very quickly.

I got myself all worked up and tired out with the flopping around. I don't think he meant to hurt me or anything, but it really, really scared me.

I didn't mind it when my old mommy and daddy picked me up and gave me kisses, but I'm not sure I like my new parents yet.

My daddy brought me some new food treats (yummy) and he also emptied my old water bottle and refilled it with some fresh, clean water, which I really liked.

My new mommy stopped by to visit me too. She's really nice, and talks to me real softly, but sometimes I think I make her mad at me. I can't really tell yet for sure. (I'll try to do better.)

I spent the rest of the morning exploring my cage and resting. I listened to mommy and daddy talking. I think they were talking about me, but I'm not really sure.

Later on they placed some pieces of seedless watermelon in my food dish. I never had watermelon before at my old house. I don't think I like it very much, so I didn't eat any of it.

When my daddy got home, he let me out of the cage and I did some exploring! It's fun. My daddy puts the cage in the floor and opens the door. He gives me some special treats to eat. Yummy.

I like to climb the cage and stand on top looking around. I can see much better on top of the cage than walking around on the floor. My daddy watches me and so does mommy. Sometimes I whistle loudly when my mommy doesn't play with me too. I like it when she watches me. When I get tired I go back in the cage and my daddy gives me another treat. I like treats.

Day 3

I slept well last night and I feel good today. I am well rested. I get lots of sleep with my new family. My new parents turn off the lights and I don't see them for hours. I just sit on my perch in the dark and sleep. No one bothers me.

My daddy leaves the house around 7 a.m. and I spend the day with my mommy. It's a lot of fun.

I'm teaching her this new game I've learned. She leaves the room and then I wait a few minutes and start whistling as loudly as possible until she comes back to look at me. It usually only takes a few minutes and she's back in the room sitting with me. I don't like it when she leaves me by myself in the day time.

When my daddy came home tonight he let me out of the cage again. I really enjoy being outside the cage and being the center of attention.

My mommy lets me listen to the radio alot. I especially like bluegrass and gospel music by Iris Dement. She's got a real pretty voice. Sometimes I get so excited I start whistling and chirping so loudly that it tires me out and I have to rest for awhile.

Sometimes my daddy sits in his big reclining chair and talks to me. He tells me I'm a good boy a lot. It makes me feel all cozy inside when he talks to me like that. I'm beginning to like my new home and my new parents.


bunnygirl said...

Albert, tell your new parents to post some pics! ~Tidbit

bunnygirl said...

Wow, Albert, you're almost as gorgeous as me! Or is it even fair to compare avians to mammals? ~Tidbit

Carol Burge said...

This post is just so cute!

Carol Burge said...

I'm soo sorry to hear about Albert...

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