Writing Critique Group

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anyone belong to a writer's critique group?

I'm looking for an individual or small group of people that would like to share mutual critiques of writing samples. It could be short stories, short novels, online writing, non-fiction, or serious works of fiction. I'm convinced that the fastest way to improve my own writing is to let others read it. If you know of such a group, or would like to form one, let me know.

I found an article today with tips about submitting to online critique groups. Here's another article I found with links to several online critique groups.


Elizabeth said...

I tried one and thought it a waste of time in the end. Seems everyone has an opinion, most of them unhelpful. For instance I wrote some pieces about nursing and someone wrote that real nurses don't act like that. Which is funny because my other job is nursing. A critique parnter would be helpful for sure though.

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