J K Rowling: Five Years of Planning

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Sunday, September 14, 2008

I did a Google search this morning for "write like J K Rowling" and an interesting article from TheCuckleburr.com popped up.

J K Rowling went from barely getting by, to living a life on easy street, but as Suzanne Harrison explains in her article titled Are You the Next J K Rowling?, it definitely wasn't "easy".

I have not read the Harry Potter books and don't plan to. It's just not my "thing", but I cannot fault the success of the series. It's almost a culture unto itself.

The books are not without controversy. The storyline includes references to witchcraft and wizardry that some parents are uncomfortable with, but I think those parents are definiltey in the minority.
I have some friends that actually host Harry Potter themed parties for all the neighborhood kids and adults. I have friends with kids that read the books while their children were reading the books and then they'd discuss what they read together as a family.

Five years of outlining and preparation prior to starting to write the first book were definitely worth it -- and Ms. Rowling has the bank account to prove it.


Kay Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Brian! We try hard to find good,indepth articles for The Cuckleburr Times and this is one of my favorites. Just shows what can happen if you're committed enough.:) Thanks for the mention, I'm very grateful. I hope you stop by again soon and maybe even submit something yourself. :)Have a great day!

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