Lonesome Dove

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've been reading Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer winning Lonesome Dove these past several weeks. 

After reading novels like The Road, The Help, and Mudbound, McMurtry's style, pace, and rhythm are quite a change.  I quite enjoy it though. It's an ambituous style to aspire to, so I'll gladly leave that to those who are more talented than I, but I can't help but wonder if Lonesome Dove would have received the critical acclaim and popularity in 2011 that the novel received in 1985 when it was originally published.

I read the other three novels in a matter days.  I found them difficult to put down and kept turning pages to quench my desire to see what was going to happen next. In Lonesome Dove, the detail and depth of the story telling makes it a much slower read for me.


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