What Am I?

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Saturday, April 06, 2013

It creeps into workplace meetings, onto trains, and in airplanes. It sneaks down aisles in grocery stores and slithers from nearby booths in favorite restaurants. Sometimes it starts slowly, skulks a while and then rushes forward abruptly when it’s too late for a quick retreat.

Like a hunter, it stalks it’s victims across rooms, in hallways, on elevators, and even during Sunday services. Inescapable, yet avoidable; manifest, but unnecessary; it preys on you when you least expect it to find you.
There is no formal invitation or announcement, no introduction from a friend, family member, teacher or preacher. Clasping, grasping, holding, and clutching it hits you with full-on-force; so gripping and resolute.  Like an unwelcome stranger, you know it’s arrived when it invades your personal space.

It starts through the nostrils at first and a strong one has been known to cause a burning sensation in the eyes , mouth, and throat; although only imaginary. It causes snickers from children, groans from teenagers, and women to complain.
Most everyone will unanimously agree that the dreaded unpleasantness is a nuisance best avoided.


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