$49 for the secret to novel writing

Posted by Backyard Urban Gardening on Sunday, January 04, 2009

I read an online advertisement this afternoon hawking a manual that reportedly provides the "secret" to finally finishing your novel or other book. I skimmed the website and testimonials, and was surprised to read about several published authors who actually endorse the written materials.

I'll say that I do agree with the premise of the materials. I do not believe that writing a novel requires some sort of magic. And I do not believe it's limited to the select few who are somehow "gifted", or "special". I've been writing online for years and have many subscribers to various blogs that I write on niche topics, so there are people that enjoy my writing, but not enough to provide me a living from my writing.

I've started four serious novel efforts in the past six or seven years, but have yet to finish one. For me the challenge is breaking through the fifteen thousand word mark. Maybe you've been there too - the story is beginning to progress and somehow little seeds of doubt start to creep in. There's a little voice inside you that says, "It's not good enough." Or..."No one will like it."

So there is the challenge in writing a novel as I see it. Stick with it long enough to be good at it. Refine your technique and prepare a riveting storyline that keeps people coming back for more.

On second thought, maybe I do need to spend that $49.00 for the "secret".


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